Saturday, March 16, 2013

Red Fazio - Ambidextrous Pitcher

Thomas "Red" Fazio

Clinton High School, 1936
Clinton, MA

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 175

Throws: Both
Glove: none used while switch pitching

Red Fazio was an ambidextrous pitcher for Clinton High School in Massachusetts.

Clinton Mass. High has Ambidextrous Pitcher in Red Fazio; Reported Good
The Lewiston Daily Sun - April 11, 1936

Clinton, Mass., April 12 - (AP)
Everyone snickered when Thomas "Red" Fazio said "Where'll I go?" after Coach Joseph McCaffrey
of Clinton high school squad at first practice told left-handed pitchers to "stand here" and the right-handers to "stand there."

"Don't you know your left hand from your right hand?" the coach demanded.

"Sure, but I pitch with both of 'em." replied the young "Red."

Is A Natural

Today the coach admitted he didn't take this assertion too seriously at first. But, he added, "I've found the boy is a natural pitcher and can actually throw curves with both hands."

Clinton's two-handed twirler, the coach told the Associated Press, "is no Rube Marquard but he is coming along fine and I expect big things of him."

McCaffrey said he was coaching the 17 year old candidate along to be a southpaw, inasmuch as the team has none. But "Red" has been given full authority, the coach added, to shift from one hand to the other at will. He will wear no glove, the coach said, and will hold the ball in such a manner that the batter will not know, until the last moment, where the ball is coming from the right or the left.


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