Friday, March 1, 2013

Weighted Baseball Program - Free eBook

New eBook from Driveline Baseball

Are you looking for a program that will help you add 5-7 MPH to your fastball? 

You might have read about programs that mention overloading and underloading, but they don’t give enough detail about how to train with weighted baseballs.

The Weighted Baseball Velocity Development Program eBook is now available, and it’s completely free!

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What Age?

Weighted baseballs can be safely used by advanced High School guys with good mechanics, college and pro players. Do not use weighted baseballs in Little League.

Throw the weighted ball from 20 to 30 feet into a backstop, using step-behinds. Don't try to pitch the ball, just throw it hard using good mechanics.

Note: This is a throwing program, not a pitching program

Order Weighted Baseballs from Amazon

Champion Sports Weighted Training Baseball Set
This set includes 9 weighted training balls ranging from 4-12 ounces.

New Products from Driveline Baseball

Driveline Elite Weighted Baseball Set 
Weighted baseball training has been shown to increase fastball velocity in pitchers of all ages, skill levels, and sizes. The set includes a 3, 4, 6, 7, 9, and 11 oz. ball – color-coded for easy identification.

The Driveline Velocity Resistance Band Set includes five different bands with varying tensile strengths with carabiner endings that hook into standard D-handles or wrist cuffs for freer movement.

Driveline Velocity Combo Kit!  On Sale! 
This is everything you need to get started on a sport-specific training program to build towards the golden goal: 90 MPH. Includes both the Driveline Velocity Resistance Band Set and the Elite Weighted Baseball Set.

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Throw Safely

It's very important to have good throwing mechanics prior to starting a weighted baseball program.

Rules to follow:
   1) Never throw a weighted baseball off a mound or with long-toss.
   2) Don't play catch with weighted baseballs.
   3) Follow a proven training program and warm up properly to avoid arm injury.


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