Saturday, March 16, 2013

David Buffone - Ambidextrous Pitcher

David Buffone

Position: Pitcher
Throws: Both

Ambidextrous Pitcher
By Gordon Smith, The Morning Record, July 26, 1973

Good, sound baseball will be the main attraction to this week's New England Babe Ruth Championships at Ceppa Field, but there's one side attraction I wouldn't miss for anything.

Massachusetts pitcher David Buffone, 4-0 on the season with an earned run average of 1.04, seldom gets into trouble. When he does, however he relieves himself. No, not by taking a walk to the rest room, but simply by switching his glove to the other hand and firing away.

That's right. The kid is considered completely ambidextrous and can pitch either left-handed or right-handed, a gift no major league has ever been blessed with --- at least not to proportions that would allow him to attempt pitching from either side in a game.

That's just one of the many impressive credentials supplied by Ben Phillips, coach of the Massachusetts state champions, who own a 22-1 record.


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