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Bobby Keating, Ambidextrous Pitcher

Bobby Keating
Born: February 26, 1994
Hometown: Rockville Centre, NY

Kellenberg Memorial High School (Class of 2012) 
Uniondale, NY 

Positions: 1B, 3B, P
Height: 5' 10" 
Weight: 195 
Bats: Left 
Throws: Both, ambidextrous
   Left hand dominant 
   Velocity: LHP 68-69; RHP 71-73
   (Baseball Factory stats

Bobby Keating is an ambidextrous player who fields first & third base and pitches right or left-handed. 

Game Highlights:
May 18, 2012. Kellenberg 18, St. Mary's 4: Bobby Keating went 4-for-5 and was a homer short of the cycle and had three runs and three RBIs 

April 10, 2012. Kellenberg 1, Chaminade 0: Bobby Keating singled up the middle with two outs in a scoreless game in the bottom of the eighth to score Doug Krager, giving Kellenberg (3-3, 3-1) the walk-off win in CHSAA. 

Bobby Keating - Baseball Factory Player Page
Watch a video of Keating throwing with both arms.

In Fall of 2010, the scouting report states:
"On the mound, both righty and lefty, Bobby has good direction toward the plate and he keeps his eyes to his target well. He repeats his delivery, gets to his balance point well, and is able to keep his arm speed the same. He is currently a better Pitcher right handed." (watch the video)

In Winter of 2010 the scouting report states:
"As a young, 2012 grad, he has about the same ability as a RHP as LHP. As a LHP, Bobby has a smooth motion and good arm slot. From the right side, Bobby is ok mechanically and has a good follow through."

So, it sounds like he improved his RHP over six months. He definitely threw better righty in the video.
But he looks more like a first baseman, than a pitcher.

Bobby Keating - Profile

Bobby Keating (Rockville Centre, NY) graduated from Kellenberg Memorial High School (Class of 2012)

Keating states: "For most of my career I have been a #3 hitter and first baseman, and also perform as an ambidextrous pitcher."

Bobby Keating - Baseball - beRecruited

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