Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Baseball Dynamic Warmups

This video series demonstrates dynamic warmups for baseball and softball players. It is a good idea for players to do dynamic warmups prior to throwing a ball.

Baseball & Softball Dynamic Warmups: 3D Stretching


Work Systems Rehab & Fitness, P.C. has helped many baseball and softball players get well and stay well. The first of three segments of the video series about how to properly warm up for baseball or softball focuses on dynamic, three-dimensional stretching activities.

 Baseball & Softball Dynamic Warmups: Load to Explode

Dynamic activities to prepare for the load and explode necessary in running, throwing, and batting.

 Baseball & Softball Dynamic Warmups: Fast Tempo Activities

 Higher speed activities that brings the action closer to game speed.

Dynamic warmups help to repare the body for sport

Start with jumping jacks or jogging to get the blood flowing and begin warming up the muscles.

The three videos focus on:
• 3-Dimensional Stretching
• Dynamic Control
• Strengthening

Choose 5 to 10 different activities and try to include each major body area.

Slow Tempo Activities

Knee up and Grab

Heel up and Grab

Foot to opposite hip stretch

Frankenstein Walk

Back Scratchers



Load to Explode Activities

Grass Picker

Forward Lunge with a Twist

Slow Squat Shuffle

Side Lunge

Inch Worm


Fast Tempo Activities

High Knee

Butt Kicks

Backwards Reach Run

High Knee Carioca


Backward open Hip Skip

Leg Swing Skip


Warm-up Exercises for Pitchers


Warm-ups for Baseball - YouTube


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