Monday, May 23, 2011

High School Switch Pitcher Ryan Perez Throws 90 mph

Ambidextrous pitcher, Ryan Perez, from Westminster Christian is dominating on the mound.

Ryan Perez has become a spectacle for fans and scouts to witness at Westminster Christian, a school of 350 students in Chicago's suburbs. Perez can throw a fastball, changeup, cutter and curveball with both arms, and he's been clocked at 90 mph right-handed and 87 mph left-handed.
Perez's two arms have been no match for the local competition this season. He has a 9-1 record with a 1.56 ERA and 131 strikeouts in 63 innings this season. He's pitched predominately left-handed (44 innings) because he also plays at shortstop and third base right-handed when he's not on the mound. 
(source: Scott Powers,
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Trenton switch-pitcher Pat Venditte takes on the Squirrels

Pat Venditte, 25, is professional baseball's only ambidextrous pitcher. When right-handed batters step up to the plate, Venditte throws right-handed. When lefties are at bat, then Venditte pitches left-handed, mainly throwing sliders.

What happens when he faces a switch-hitter such as Flores, as was the case in the sixth inning Thursday?

Baseball created a rule to address the situation. Venditte is required to declare which arm he will use before the switch-hitter enters the batter's box. As Flores approached the plate, Venditte raised his right arm, indicating he would pitch right-handed.

"Whatever he wants. Doesn't matter to me," said Flores, who batted left-handed and struck out.

Trenton's Venditte shows Richmond his switch-pitching ability
By JOHN O'CONNOR, Richmond Times-Dispatch
Published: April 29, 2011

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Switch pitcher Ryan Perez has a chance to dominate

 Chicago teen can switch hit and pitch

High school pitcher Ryan Perez is a southpaw and a righty, too. The Chicago-area junior can throw strikes with either arm. Major colleges are interested in him. But Ryan isn't sure what the fuss is about. He says he's been throwing with both arms of all of his life. 

He hopes to become the first switch pitcher in the major leagues in two decades. But Ryan isn't just a switch pitcher. He's also a switch hitter, with .418 average for Westminster Christian School in Elgin, Illinois. (Source: AP, May 2011)


2) Ryan Perez – P, Westminster Christian, 2012 
Switch pitcher that has a chance to dominate with both throwing arms. FB was 87-88 topping 91 right handed and sat 84 left handed topping out at 86. CH was straight, 79, RH while 76 with fade LH. RH breaking ball was tight with late break at 67. 

Ambidextrous pitcher Ryan Perez evaluated
by Tampa Bay Rays Minor League Pitching coordinator

Ryan Perez is a pitching coach’s dream prospect.
He throws a cutter, curveball, change-up and a fastball that tops out above 80 mph, and he is entering his sophomore year of high school at Westminster Christian in Elgin.
But what separates him from the other 15-year-old pitchers in the Continental Amateur Baseball Association World Series is his ability to throw those pitches with either arm, a rare switch-pitcher.