Thursday, August 27, 2015

Jared Skolnicki - Kent State University

Check out the recent news video about aspiring switch pitcher Jared Skolnicki. He's a natural lefty, who has the abilty to pitch both ways in college. Like Pat Venditte, he's playing summer ball with the Wisconsin Woodchucks. 

Twitter: Jared Skolnicki

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Switch Pitcher Facts for Dummies

Information about ambidextrous pitchers
- learn about switch pitchers from Little League to the MLB

Did you know?

   The majority of ambidextrous throwers are naturally right-handed.

   Pat Venditte is not an amphibious pitcher.

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Who's Who of Ambidextrous Pitchers

- Sidearm ambidextrous pitcher in the MLB for the Oakland Athletics
- spent seven years in the minors with the NY Yankees 
- pitched for Creighton University Bluejays
- started throwing with both arms when he was 3-years-old
- first ambidextrous pitcher to throw 90+ mph with both arms
- drafted by the Cleveland Indians in 2015
- dominant switch pitcher for Judson University
- Montreal Expos RHP, threw one inning with both arms in an MLB game against the Cincinnati Reds in 1995
- Harris donated his custom Mizuno six-fingered glove to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Tony Mullane - The Count
- Mullane was baseball's first ambidextrous pitcher and a talented ballplayer who played every position in the field except catcher
- The Count won 30 games in five consecutive seasons

- relief switch pitcher for the Vanderbilt Commodores
- natural lefty who learned how to throw right-handed
- rodeo background caused him to use his right hand
- switch pitcher for Creighton University Bluejays (redshirt in 2015)
- played for the Neptune Beach Pearl team in college summer ball

High School
- 12:1 strikeout-to-walk ratio (4 years on varsity)
- switch pitched in 11 inning game, using only 11 pitches/inning
- throws 6 pitches for strikes with each arm
- switch hitter with a .500 BA 

Little League

Angel MaciasMonterrey, Mexico
Macias pitched a perfect game in the 1957 Little League World Series. 


Monday, August 24, 2015

Cure The Yips

Having trouble throwing a baseball?

The cause is rarely mechanics, so it's all in your head ...

Check out Dr. Richard Crowley, a sports psychologist, author of Mentalball and originator of how to cure the Yips.  Apparently, his mental approach benefited Dodgers Steve Sax’ out of control baseball yips to first base.

Yips (noun)

  1. extreme nervousness causing a golfer to miss easy putts. 

    the loss of fine motor skills without apparent explanation, in one of a number of different sports.

The Yips: Difficult to understand, difficult to cure |

The Yips is no mythological plague. For reasons unknown, players can encounter a mental hurdle that flat-out won't permit them to complete one of the game's mundane on-field tasks. Infielders suddenly can't find the first baseman's glove on routine throws. Catchers can't execute the simple task of returning the ball to the pitcher.

the phrase "Steve Blass disease" was coined to identify a player who suddenly loses the ability to accurately throw a ball.