Tuesday, March 26, 2013

How many warmup pitches does a switch pitcher get?

Steve Butz's coach has had a running argument with umpires about how many warmup pitches he should get when he changes sides. The young either-hander now is looking for a glove he can turn inside out so he can switch sides at will. (The Milwaukee Journal - Jan 28, 1986)
The Milwaukee Journal - Jan 28, 1986

According the the rulebook, a switch pitcher gets the same number of warmup throws as a regular pitcher (8 throws), which makes getting ready to pitch a bit of a challenge. Some ambidextrous pitchers throw four pitches from each side, for eight total throws, during the first appearance on the mound. If they switch throwing arms within a inning, they do not get additional throws. This means that they often start off an inning pitching with their non-dominant arm, then switch to the dominant hand, if needed, in relief. 

How many warmup pitches are allowed?
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