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Dodgers' McLish served in the Navy 1944

A number of talented ball players were called into military service including a switch pitcher.

Dodgers' McLish Headed for Navy

Naugatuck Daily News (Naugatuck, Connecticut) 3 Jun 1944

New York, June 3 (UP) Baseball's only ambidextrous pitcher is humming Anchors Aweigh these days, as he warms up with either arm. Because before the moth is out, 18-year-old Cal McLish probably will be doing boot training in Uncle Sam's Navy.

To be more exact, McLish's name is Calvin Coolidge Julius Caesar Tuskahoma McLish. And he played only one game for the Brooklyn Dodgers before he passed his physical. But he won that game with a five-hit performance.

While tying out for the Dodgers, he proved himself by giving Dixie Walker the works.

The young rookie burned a right-handed pitch past Walker, and Walker never saw it. Then, he wound up again and tossed such a sizzler that Dixie stepped out of the box to recuperate.

Walker stepped up again. This time the innocent-looking young hurler wound up as a lefty. He whipped a wicked left-handed curve for a third strike.

The veteran outfielder thought that he was seeing things. But he had just a glimpse of one of 1944's extraordinary rookies in action.

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