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Ambidextrous McLish - Brooklyn Rookie Can Relieve Self on Hill

Ambidextrous McLish Stops Braves on 5 Hits

Brooklyn Rookie Can Relieve Self on Hill

The Mason City Globe-Gazette (Mason City, Iowa) 10 Jun 1944

By Glen Perkins

New York, (UP) - Calvin Coolidge McLish, 18 year old Choctaw Indian from Oklahoma City, Okla., born as his name suggests, during the regime of the late republican president, Saturday loomed as a definite threat in 2 roles to National league hitters.

McLish, a member of the Brooklyn Dodgers' mound staff and termed by Dodger President Branch Rickey as a "great prospect," seems to have been a real find, particularly for Brooklyn.

The young man is ambidextrous and Brooklyn fans have seen stranger things than a pitcher relieving himself when his arm gets tired.

The borough, which has seen 3 of its own major leaguers on the same base at the  same time in the past, may, some day, see McLish relieving McLish.

If the right arm, which has seen all the service so far this year, gets tired, nothing in baseball's rules would prevent him from warming up the left arm and serving up a few from that side.

Strange as it may seem, the possibility is more than remote for McLish himself says that he throws  "pretty good," with his left hand.

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