Friday, December 7, 2012

LHP Jason Vargas is ambidextrous

Jason Matthew Vargas
Born: February 2, 1983 in Apple Valley, CA
School: Apple Valley HS (Apple Valley, CA)
MLB Teams: Mariners/Marlins/Mets

Position: Pitcher
Height/Weight: 6' 0", 215 lb.
Bats: Left
Throws: LHP in the MLB, ambidextrous throw when young

When Jason Vargas was only 5 or 6, he threw with both hands. He started out throwing right-handed, then switched to being left-handed at an early age. In the big league he is only listed as LHP.

Determined Vargas Vies for Mets’ Rotation

Published: February 15, 2007

Growing up in Apple Valley, Calif., about 90 miles northeast of Los Angeles, Vargas was ambidextrous. About age 5 or 6, he picked up a ball in his left hand. Read more

As a youngster, he originally threw the ball right handed, but switched to being a southpaw before he started organized baseball.

“I remember it a little,” he said of his ambidextrous changeover. “I guess when I was a kid I mainly threw the ball right handed, then I switched over on my own and my dad got me a glove and it stuck there every since. But I was only 5 or 6. It wasn’t a Billy Wagner thing where I broke my arm and ended up with 100 mph in the other one. That would be nice.”
The former high school quarterback does throw in the low 90s with his left arm and appears to be on top of his game this season. 

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