Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Favorite Pitching Websites

Are you looking for information about pitching?
Do you want to learn a new pitch?
Do you want to increase you pitching velocity?

Here are some websites about pitching that might help answer your questions.

The Complete Pitcher
Steven Ellis is a two-time MLB draft pick and former Chicago Cubs pitching pro. He has written books covering all aspects of baseball.

The Pitching Professor
Dr. John Bagonzi has made his greatest mark in the professional world as an extraordinary coach.  Learn about coach Bagonzi's Act of Pitching book series.

Pitching Mechanics 101
Chris O'Leary covers the proper pitching mechanics, arm slot, injury prevention, and reviews the mechanics major league pitchers.

The Bullpen for pitcher prep, grips and strategies

The Utimate Pitcher
Tips for how to pitch faster. 
Read about 10 MLB Pitchers with great pitching mechanics

The National Pitching Association is dedicated to the education of baseball pitchers, their parents, and their coaches, so that they can pitch more effectively, stay healthier, develop a positive mental attitude, and a greater love of the game. 

Exclusive Baseball Content - EricCressey.com
Eric Cresseya Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, is perhaps best known for his extensive work with baseball players, with more than 70 professional players traveling to Massachusetts to train with him each off-season.

High School Baseball Web
The HS Baseball Web features articles about college baseball recruiting, scholarships, and the MLB draft, interviews with college coaches and pro scouts, recruiting "how to", links to other baseball resources, camps and showcases, and a "world famous" message board

Bunting Tips 
Some pitchers have trouble hitting, so bunting is a good option. Watch videos on how to bunt.

Top 5 Best Baseball Pitching Websites

includes reviews

Free instructional videos explaining pitching from the stretch, hitting and more.

Training Tips by Brian Oates
Only focus on the things you can control


Baseball Stats

Baseball-Reference.com - Major League Baseball Statistics

Baseball Statistics and Analysis | FanGraphs Baseball


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