Sunday, December 23, 2012

College coach teaches the Towel Drill

Learn how to prevent arm injuries by limiting pitches thrown. Watch college pitching coach Karl Kuhn demonstrate the Towel Drill.

To prevent arm injury, throw with good mechanics and limit the total number of pitches thrown each year.

After throwing 45 pitches off a mound - allow 72 hours of rest
(its ok to throw, but not pitch from a mound)

How many pitches can safely be throw in a calendar year?

It depends on the players age. Coach Kuhn uses this formula:

100 pitches x kids age = total number of competitive pitches in a calendar year

Example for 11-year-old pitcher:

100 pitches x 11 = 1,100 competitive pitches in a calendar year 

That doesn't mean throwing 100 pitches per game. There are limits set by leagues - follow the guidelines to prevent arm injuries. Each player is different regarding their stamina on the mound. Watch the pitcher's posture and mechanics. On average, a good inning for a pitcher would be 15 pitches or less.

About Karl Kuhn

The Virginia pitching staff has met unparalleled success in the past nine seasons under pitching coach Karl Kuhn. Since 2005 Virginia boasts the lowest cumulative earned run average in the nation (3.16).

In honor of his coaching success, Kuhn was named the 2010 recipient of Collegiate Baseball's Tom House Teaching Professional of the Year Award. The award recognizes excellence in teaching pitchers and acknowledges years of continued education and study of the latest pitching techniques as identified by scientific fact and biomechanical research.

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