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Jesse Tuozzo, ambidextrous pitcher

Jesse Tuozzo
Born: 05/13/1994
Hometown: Wantagh, NY
High School: MacArthur HS 2012
Team: MacArthur GeneralsLevittown, NY

Height/Weight: 5' 8", 175 lb.
Positions: P, IF
Bats: Right
Throws: Both (ambidextrous); right hand dominant

Pitches: fastball, changeup, knuckle drop
Velocity: 90+ mph right-handed
Glove: six-finger ambidextrous glove by Louisville Slugger

Reason for switch pitching
It's not stated why Jesse Tuozzo started throwing with his left hand, but it might be due to injury to his dominant throwing arm. A news story says that "Tuozzo missed a year of baseball because of elbow tendinitis in his right arm." Around that time, there were news stories featuring Pat Venditte, the minor league switch pitcher, which might have inspired him to start pitching with both arms. In 2008, Tuozzo posted a few YouTube videos when he was learning to throw left-handed.

Following rehab with his right arm, Tuozzo was able to throw the ball with more velocity. In 2011, Perfect Game USA recorded Jesse Tuozzo's velocity at 89 mph, right-handed, which is amazing for a 5'8" high school pitcher. His wind up looks a lot like Yankees closer Mariano Rivera.

On the DL in 2012
In 2012, senior Jesse Tuozzo, last year's Diamond Award winner as Nassau's top pitcher, was sidelined with a shoulder injury. Tuozzo had surgery in March to repair his labrum and according to coach Steve Costello is on the mend. (source:

Tuozoo fans 18 for MacArthur
MacArthur junior Jesse Tuozzo struck out a career-high and school-record 18 batters while giving up just one hit in a 4-1 win over Port Washington in a Nassau Conference AA-II baseball game Friday.

MacArthur Generals Player of the Week (2011)
Jesse Tuozzo had a monster week for the Generals both at the plate and on the mound. Jesse batted .556 with 5 RBI'S, 1 run scored and an .636 on base percentage. On the mound Tuozzo was spectacular recording a MacArthur record 18 K's in a win against Port Washington including 4 K's in the first innings and 10 consecutive K's to end the game improving his season record to 3-0.

MacArthur's Tuozzo wins pitcher award
By Laura Albanese, June 16, 2011

Now a junior, Tuozzo, pitched to a 7-1 record. In 47 innings, he allowed 11 runs, only five earned. He gave up 22 hits and struck out 94 batters – that's exactly two an inning, for those keeping track. His fastball has climbed up to the low 90s; he tops out at 93. It's not even his best pitch.
He has a changeup, which he uses to set up his fastball, and a knuckle drop. That one's the ticket. "It's my strikeout pitch," Tuozzo said. "I'm comfortable with it. I can throw it first pitch, I can throw it 3-2."
Or, as Costello put it: "It's pretty much impossible to hit for a high schooler. It's almost unfair."

Jesse Tuozzo Switch Pitching Videos

Learning to throw lefty in 2008

Practicing switch pitching - June 2008

Jesse Tuozzo working on lefty - July 2008

Bullpen pitching right-handed - looks like Mariano Rivera, Jan 2009

Pitching lefty to lefty in a  scrimmage - March 2012

Jesse Tuozzo Baseball Profile | Perfect Game USA

7-1 record; 0.74 ERA, 94 K, 28 BB in 47 innings


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