Sunday, January 18, 2015

Tim Lincecum - Developing a Phenom Pitcher

Tim Lincecum Stories: A Star In the Making

KOMO 4's Eric Johnson follows a local phenom pitcher from his University of Washington days, a brief stay in the minors all the way to his major league debut with the San Francisco Giants. He and his dad Chris have a very special relationship that has helped Tim become one of the best pitchers in the majors.

Tim Lincecum's story serves as an inspiration to many young ball players.

Lincecum has won 2 Cy Young awards - plus he helped the SF Giants win the World Series – 3 times. 

The dedication of Chris in developing his son Tim Lincecum into a dominant college pitcher reminds me of the process of  developing a Switch Pitcher ..

Ambidextrous pitchers are developed over many years of training and practice. Lots of extra practice and dedication is required to become a skilled switch pitcher. 

Parents nurture their child's development - often playing catch, serving as catchers, and giving positive feedback. 

Dads videotape their sons pitching and help them to develop a feel for pitching. They encourage them to be excellent students, play multiple sports, and enjoy the process. 

Developing a switch pitcher is a long road, but well worth the effort.

Enjoy the process!

- Coach Knight, Seattle


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