Sunday, January 4, 2015

Developing a Championship Culture - Podcast

Eric Davis – a successful coach and athletic director from Washington state – talked with Brian Cain about setting goals and developing a championship culture in high school.

Be in the present moment .. concentrate on every play .. set small goals .. re-evaluate and keep improving.

Control what you can control. 

In this podcast, Davis discusses what it takes to successfully lead a high school athletic department and give your coaches and athletes the best chance for success.

Falcon Culture

F - Family - how to act and react
A - Attitude - have a great attitude, be positive
L - Leadership - step up and be a leader; hold teammates accountable
C - Competitive -  compete in the appropriate way; focus on the process
O - One play, one pitch at a time; be in the present moment
N - No excuses - be accountable; don't blame the officials

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