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Jimmy Wadlow 1944

York Castoff Is Switch Pitcher

Harrisburg Telegraph (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), 8 Jun 1944

Jimmy Wadlow, 22 year-old pitcher who can throw from either port or starboard, is trying to make up his mind whether to be right or lefthanded when he tries out with Sacramento of the Pacific Coast League.

Wadlow is registered as a righthander but he always has carried a pretty fair spare tire in the southpaw, even before he broke his right arm serving up a fast pitch in 1941.

"I've got a lot more speed and a better curve when I'm a southpaw," said Jimmy while visiting his parents here. "But my control is bad from the port side."

Cut loose by York, Pa., of the Interstate League after he had beaten Wilmington, 4-2, in his only start of the season, Jimmy began thinking seriously about switching to southpawing.

"My arm felt good but after I beat Wilmington it got tight and sore. Maybe I'll give it another try in the warm California sunshine. The, if it doesn't come around, I'll concentrate on my left-handed control. Who knows, maybe I'll have two good pitching arms eventually."

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Note: It's unusual for a natural righty to have more velocity from the left side. I would call Wadlow an ambidextrous thrower, not a switch pitcher, since he was only pitching right-handed in games.

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