Saturday, January 24, 2015

Marlon (Lefty) Majher

16 year-old High School Switch Pitcher in 1954

Schoolboy Switch Pitcher Got His Start With Maimed Hand

By Charles F. Stafford | 3 Jun 1954

Huntington, West VA - Marlon (Lefty) Majher of the Huntington High baseball team, is a righty too. He pitches with either hand and does well with both.

It's a wonder Lefty throws at all.

When Majher was born 16 years ago, his right hand was bent parallel to his wrist. To straighten the hand, doctors broke every bone in the hand and reset them.

The operation stunted the growth of the youngster's hand. It is considerable smaller than his left.

When he first took an interest in baseball, Lefty figured it would strengthen his right hand if he learned to throw from starboard as well as portside. His determination paid off.

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