Sunday, January 20, 2013

Ambidextrous Baseball Gloves for Sale

Where can I buy an ambidextrous baseball glove?

Ambidextrous Baseball Glove by Akadema
Akadema makes about 100 ambidextrous gloves a year. The Akadema ABX00 is the only ready-made ambidextrous baseball glove on the market. The cost of the Akadema ambidextrous glove is around $110 on Amazon

Wait - before you purchase an ambidextrous glove, please read: 

Baseball Glove Options for Switch Pitchers >>

If you are looking to buy a six-finger ambidextrous glove like Pat Venditte uses for switch pitching, then you will have to custom order one from Mizuno. 

Learn how to order a Mizuno GMP1A Ambidextrous Glove >>

Custom ambidextrous baseball gloves

Both Louisville and Mizuno make high-end custom ambidextrous baseball gloves,
costing $400 - $450. Plan ahead since the custom-made gloves take 4-6 weeks to deliver.

Custom Ambidextrous Glove by Carpenter

Carpenter Trade will make a custom ambidextrous baseball glove to your specifications. Scott Carpenter hand-crafts each glove using state-of-the-art synthetic materials - making it much lighter and stronger than conventional leather gloves. 
Learn how to order a Carpenter glove

Rawlings produced a prototype of an ambidextrous baseball glove that I found posted for sale on eBay. The last bid was $565. I don't think Rawlings produces any ambidextrous gloves, since there isn't a big market for gloves with two thumbs.


Ambidextrous baseball gloves


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