Saturday, January 2, 2016

How to Order a Mizuno Ambidextrous Baseball Glove

Are you looking to order a Mizuno ambidextrous glove like Pat Venditte uses?

Mizuno GMP1A Ambidextrous Glove
Mizuno has a nice website where you can order a custom glove, but I could not find an ambidextrous glove listed. I know that Pat Venditte gets his switch pitching gloves made by Mizuno, so I tried to find more information online.

I filled out Mizuno's contact form and asked these questions:

How do I order a custom ambidextrous baseball glove? 
What is the total cost? 
How long does it take to deliver? 
Who is the contact person for custom gloves?

The next morning, I received this response from Mizuno:

Thank you for contacting Mizuno USA.  Mizuno USA does manufacture an ambidextrous glove. It is called the GMP1A and it is a 12" glove in the custom Mizuno Pro glove line.  To purchase the glove you will actually need to custom order it through an authorized Mizuno USA account/retailer. You will need to fill out a custom order form from a retailer and then turn it into the retailer to be processed.

The link below is to Mizuno USA's store locator page in which if you plug in your location information it will list geographically in your area all of the Mizuno USA's authorized accounts/retailers:

We suggest calling ahead of time to ensure that the retailer does in fact process/accept custom Mizuno glove orders.

The GMP1A is not in Mizuno USA's current 2013 catalog, nor is it viewable online at But it does exist in the Mizuno Pro custom glove line.

Please feel free to contact us again if you have any further questions.

Best regards,

Mizuno USA
Consumer Support Division


For product-related questions, contact our customer service team.
Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:30 pm EST

Mizuno USA, Inc.
Corporate Headquarters
4925 Avalon Ridge Parkway
Norcross, Georgia 30071


What is the cost? How long does it take?

The suggested retail price for the GMP1A is $450 and it takes 4-6 weeks to make. 

(Quoted: Feb 21, 2013)

Note: I read the price about $550 now (2015)

Have you purchased an ambidextrous glove recently?

Please leave a comment about your experience ordering a Mizuno ambidextrous glove.



  1. Ordered the custom Mizuno Pro Line ambidextrous baseball glove today, Feb. 20, 2013. The cost was $450 plus tax, landed San Leandro , CA. The MuzunoUSA sales territory manager John Pina, 650-703-2400 was very helpful in guiding me through the process.

    Danville, CA

  2. I found out from Mizuno that they make about 5-10 custom ambidextrous gloves a year.

  3. They can be ordered through Great website! They have sold them for years. They can be reached at (208) 263-1716

  4. They can be ordered through Great website! They have sold them for years. They can be reached at (208) 263-1716