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Larry Corcoran - ambidextrous pitcher

Lawrence J. Corcoran
Larry Corcoran switch pitcher
Born: August 10, 1859 in Brooklyn, NY
Died: October 14, 1891 (age 32)

Positions: Pitcher and Infielder
Batted: Left
Threw: Both  (primarily pitched right-handed)
Height: 5' 3" 
Weight: 127 lb.

Teams: WhiteStockings/Nationals/Giants/Hoosiers 1880-1887
Glove: None, pitched barehanded

Larry Corcoran - 
Chicago White Stockings (1884)
Larry Corcoran pitched using both arms in a game between Chicago and Buffalo. He alternated arms pitching, for four innings, before switching positions to shortstop.
Pitched Three No-hitters
Corcoran became the first pitcher to throw three no-hitters, setting a record that would stand until 1965, when Sandy Koufax threw his fourth no-hitter. He is also know for being one of baseball's few ambidextrous pitchers.
Pitching signals
Larry Corcoran is credited with being the first pitcher to work out a set of signals with his catcher. Corcoran would shift his tobacoo chaw when he wanted to throw a curve.
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