Friday, January 18, 2013

Throwing routine - perfect practice makes perfect

Getting enough throwing practice can be tricky in the cold and wet weather. But if you want to be a good ball player, then you have to practice on a regular basis.

Perfect practice will prepare you for games. Stay focused, and make every warmup throw count.

How much practice is needed?

  Throw at least 10-15 minutes each day - if you want to be good.

How often should I throw?

   Throw hard daily, if possible. Or throw every other day if you are doing another sport.

Tip: If you want to gain velocity, then throw hard in practice.
        - good advice from a college pitching coach

Can you give me a sample throwing schedule?

   Below are throwing schedules for pre-season and the regular season --
used by a very successful ambidextrous pitcher in high school.

Remember to do dynamic warmups and tubing exercises before throwing.
Then do cool down and stretching. Run short sprints.

No long distance running!
- Long distance running has been shown to reduce throwing velocity.

Pre-season Throwing
- practice 5 days a week, throwing a minimum of 10-15 minutes each day

Monday - long toss both sides

Tuesday - throw left

Wednesday - throw right

Thursday - bullpen left

Friday - day off

Saturday - bullpen right, plus fielding practice

Sunday - day off

Regular season
- practice 2 days  / play 3 games

Monday - throw left and right

Tuesday - day off

Wednesday - game; throw left and right

Thursday - game; throw left and right

Friday - pitching drills

Saturday - game; pitch left and right

Sunday - day off

Game strategy for a young ambidextrous pitcher

Start throwing with your non-dominant arm the first inning, then switch to your dominant arm in a latter inning. Don't alternate throwing arms between batters, since it is hard to stay in rhythm.


'Just Say NO' to long distance running
by Ron Wolforth, Pitching Central and the Texas Baseball Ranch

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