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Todd Cason, switch pitcher - St. Leo College, Florida

Todd Cason - ambidextrous pitcher
Todd Cason - St. Leo college ambidextrous pitcher
(Times photo by Jack Rowland)
St. Leo College - Lions, Florida 
Hometown: Tampa, Florida

Height/Weight: 6'0"  170 
Throws: Both
Dominant hand:  natural lefty
Velocity: 85 mph right; 82 mph left
Record: 12-9 in 1990

How he got started throwing with both arms in college

Todd Cason says he is a natural lefty in every sport except baseball. He throws footballs, plays pool and shoots basketballs left-handed.

"But for some reason, which I can't explain, I always picked up a baseball with my right hand,'' he said. "I never tried to purposely learn how to pitch right-handed. It just came naturally.''

The 6-foot, 170-pound Tampa native was never allowed to pitch left-handed until he came to St. Leo, a small school about 45 miles north of Tampa. 

At St. Leo, Cason's switch pitching became almost a necessity. He was the only regular starting pitcher remaining after five starters dropped out of the lineup from injuries, academic, disciplinary and personal problems.
 (source: AP)

Switch-pitcher's A Double Threat

May 4, 1990
Todd Cason is a right-handed pitcher-until he gets tired. Then he becomes a lefty.
"I pitch left-handed as a last resort," said the junior from St. Leo College, who has a 12-9 record. "When my neck starts to hurt or my right arm feels likes it`s going to fall off, I know it's time to switch gloves." 
Cason's right-handed fastball crosses the plate at about 85 m.p.h.; the left-handed goes 82. Read more

Todd Carson, Switch Pitcher at Saint Leo College, May 1990

Small-College Pitcher Deals With Both Hands

ST. LEO, Florida - Todd Cason is a right-handed pitcher - until he gets tired. Then he becomes a lefty.
"I pitch left-handed as a last resort,'' said the junior from St. Leo College. ``When my neck starts to hurt or my right arm feels like it's going to fall off, I know it's time to switch gloves.''
Cason's right-handed fastball whizzes over the plate at about 85 mph. The left-handed goes 82 mph.
"Todd is much better right-handed," said University of Tampa Coach Lelo Prado, whose team lost to Cason 3-2 in 10 innings recently. "But, yes, he can throw pretty good from the left side, too. That's extremely rare."  Read more

One Man Combo
by Tim Kurkjian, SI, May 15, 1990

Todd Cason, a righthander for Saint Leo College, recently started four times in six days. How did he do it? Well, whenever he got tired, he just put his glove on the other hand and pitched lefthanded. Cason is ambidextrous, but he does almost everything lefthanded. This year he pitched lefty about 10% of the time en route to a 12-9 record. Read more

Todd Cason Wall of Fame at Wellswood Park

The wall features plaques honoring 13 championship teams from Wellswood, including last year's 12-and-under team. The wall also honors community leaders who have promoted baseball at the park through their time, money and effort.

Cason was an ambidextrous pitcher who played for years at Wellswood. He died in a 2003 motorcycle accident at age 34. 


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