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Rich Brady, ambidextrous pitcher for Holy Ghost Prep

Rich Brady
Philadelphia, PA

High School: Holy Ghost Prep 1993
College: Rider College

Positions: RHP/LHP, 1B, 3B
Bats: Right
Throws: Both

How Rich Brady got started throwing with both arms

"I was 7, (throwing a baseball) with my uncle," Brady recalled. "I'm lefthanded, but I threw righthanded. So I guess he figured I could throw lefthanded if I worked on it."

Rich Brady was a successful switch pitcher for Holy Ghost Prep, a small high school in Philadelphia.

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Ambidextrous Pitching Highlights

Red-hot Holy Ghost Moves Past Bristol to top of Bicentennial, May 14, 1992 |

In the win over Morrisville, Rich Brady pitched 4 innings, righthanded, for the win, and hit a home run when he moved to first base after pitching, playing lefthanded. The ambidextrous junior is now 6-0 overall, 3-0 with each arm. Read more

Holy Ghost Prep Pitcher Switches Arms in Rout of Lower Moreland, April 22, 1993 |

Holy Ghost Prep coach Ted Grabowski has always said he didn't want Rich Brady, his ambidextrous pitcher, to throw righthanded and lefthanded in the same game. He's avoided the temptation to use him that way for two seasons.
But Brady finally did it when his coach wasn't looking in the Firebirds' 17-1 rout of Lower Moreland on Tuesday.
"He was supposed to pitch righthanded, but said he felt stronger lefthanded when he was warming up," Grabowski said. "I got to the game late, and when I saw him pitching in the first inning, he was throwing lefthanded. Read more

Switch-pitcher 6-0 for Holy Ghost Rich Brady Won Four Games Righthanded and Two Lefthanded this Season, May 28, 1993 |

Rich Brady writes with his left hand, shoots a basketball with his right hand and plays first base lefthanded and third base righthanded.
He pitches with his right hand.
And he pitches with his left hand.
The Holy Ghost Prep senior might seem a bit mixed up, but on the baseball diamond, he features a two-armed approach to pitching that is no novelty act. He finished this season with a 6-0 record - four wins righthanded and two lefthanded. He first became intrigued by his emerging ambidexterity at an early age, and he has worked at it ever since.

3 Area Graduates Make it to Baseball Tourney
by Beth Onufrak, June 9, 1994 |

Joe Doto, Tom Kerr and Rich Brady all made the NCAA Division I baseball tournament as members of the Rider College team. The Broncs lost two straight in the tournament and finished the season with a 33-18 record.

Brady, an ambidextrous relief pitcher from Holy Ghost Prep, appeared in seven games and had an 0-1 record.

Read more

Three Local Graduates Helping Rider Squad Glitter on Diamond
by Beth Onufrak, April 27, 1995 |

Rich Brady, a Holy Ghost Prep graduate, is a sophomore who pitches both righthanded and lefthanded for Rider.
"We've used Rich primarily as a middle reliever," Pittaro said. "He's been fairly effective with both arms. He probably has better control lefthanded, but maybe more speed righthanded."

Pennsbury's Doto Sets Rider Longevity Mark
by Beth Onufrak, May 2, 1996 |

Doto is one of three graduates of Bucks County high schools playing for the Broncs. Council Rock grad Tom Kerr is a junior outfielder, and Holy Ghost Prep grad Rich Brady is a junior who can pitch with either hand.
Kerr is hitting .257, has appeared in 36 games and has two game-winning hits. Brady has a 2.92 ERA as a relief pitcher.

Baseball Coach Resigns at HGP His Enthusiasm Gone
by Frank Bertucci, Jan 20, 1998 |
Like so many veteran coaches, Ted Grabowski had said he would quit when he no longer had the enthusiasm for the job as the new season approached. ...

Grabowski's teams compiled a record of 404-185, dominated the Bicentennial League, and were in the District 1 playoffs in either Class AAA (currently) or Class AA nearly every season.

Several years ago, Grabowski also had Rich Brady on his team. Brady, who later played for and graduated from Rider, threw just as well righthanded as he did lefthanded, and Grabowski tried to find the right game situation for having him switch pitching arms. He promised reporters he would let them know whenever he thought he could get away with it, but it never happened.


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