Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Relacing an ambidextrous glove

Yikes! My glove broke. While throwing long toss at the UW, the middle lace on my son's Akadema ambidextrous glove snapped. Over time, the laces connecting the glove fingers, become worn and stretched, especially in the center of the glove near the pocket.

Fortunately, the middle lace on the Akadema ambi glove is easy to replace with one foot of black rawhide. It took about five minutes to re-lace the middle fingers using a $6 glove lacing kit and a pair of scissors.

How to Relace the Akadema Ambidextrous Baseball Glove

Broken rawhide lace - between the middle fingers.
Tip: Take a photo of the glove before removing the old lace.

Start relacing the glove.
 A lacing tool guides the rawhide through the holes

Pulling the new lace through holes using a lacing tool

Lacing is almost complete - in five minutes

Tie the knot, then trim off the extra rawhide.
Relaced Akadema Ambidextrous Glove - ready for use

How to Relace a Glove - instructions with pictures

Tools and Materials
- Glove lacing kit (high-grade rawhide lace and lacing needle with handle)
- scissors
- needle nose pliers
- leather conditioner or petroleum jelly

Baseball Glove Lacing Kit
Steps to lacing a baseball glove:
1) Examine the damage - look at the lacing pattern and where the leather is tied off
2) Pull the rawhide lace through the glove holes, using a lacing tool or needle nose pliers
3) Tie the leather and trim off the excess lace

Lesson Learned
It's a good idea to practice baseball using a standard glove and save the ambidextrous pitcher glove for games.

How to Lace a Baseball Mitt | eHow.com (video)

Baseball Glove Repair - relacing and conditioning

Glove-Works - relacing and repair

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