Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Roland Ryan, Ambidextrous Pitcher

Roland Ryan

Knoxville West High School (Class of 2018)

Position: 1B, Pitcher
Bats: Right
Throws: Both - natural right-hander

Roland Ryan Pitching in High School

Knoxville West High School Ambidextrous Pitcher Roland Ryan starts left handed and takes a win, 13-4, then takes the mound right handed to earn a 5-4 win against Gibbs HS. The 6'3" 210 lb pitcher has more movement from the left side, but more velocity on the right.
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A natural righty, Roland Ryan plays first base right-handed and bats right-handed. 
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Roland Ryan Baseball Profile | Perfect Game USA

velocity: 75 mph in 2015


Roland started throwing left-handed after injuring his dominant right arm
"Roland hurt his right elbow last summer and has not been able to throw, per Doctor's orders, for over six months. He has since learned how to throw lefty. He has been working with Knoxville pitching coach Eric Hill since September refining his left hand throwing, and recently, since early February in returning to pitching righty." (YouTube, 3-1-12)

This video shows Roland throwing a 2-seam fastball, change up, cutter and curve ball. He uses separate gloves for each hand, which is a good idea when starting out. Good luck to Roland in becoming a switch pitcher.

Video of Roland Pitching 3-1-12

Takeaway Message

- work with a qualified pitching instructor to develop good mechanics
- older players can quickly learn to throw with both arms
- pitching takes a lot of practice

Take care of your arm
- warmup your muscles and joints before throwing
- limit the number of pitches thrown to avoid arm injury
- rest your arm between throwing sessions
- see a doctor if you have elbow, arm or shoulder pain

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