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Moxie Manuel, ambidextrous pitcher

Moxie Manuel, White Sox
Mark Garfield Manuel
Born: October 16, 1881 in Metropolis, IL

Big League Teams: Washington Senators (1905), Chicago White Sox (1908)

Height/Weight: 5' 11", 170 lb.
Bats: Right
Threw: Both, ambidextrous pitcher

Ambidextrous pitcher Moxie Manuel played for the Washington Senators in 1905, and the Chicago White Sox in 1908.

Moxie Manuel began his professional baseball career with the 1903 Vicksburg Hill Billies, going 12-14. The next year, he went 21-11 for Vicksburg. In 1905, Moxie went 22-18 for the Baton Rouge Cajuns and New Orleans Pelicans and made his major league debut with the Washington Senators.

He told a reporter that he pitched with his left hand against left-handed batters, making him an Ambidextrous Pitcher.

Source: The Big Book of Jewish Baseball by Peter Horvitz and Joachim Horvitz

Ambidextrous pitcher keeps 'em all guessing

Moxie was a right-handed batter, but he told a reporter in 1907, "Sure, I can slam over with one hand as good as with another. When a right-handed batter is a the plate, I serve 'em with my right hand. When a left-handed batter is at the plate, I become a southpaw. That keeps 'em all guessing."

Moxie's son, John, in a letter to the National Baseball Library at Cooperstown, wrote that he had clippings which confirmed that his father was ambidextrous and that in the minors he would often pitch doubleheaders -- one right-handed and one left-handed -- sometimes posting shut-out victories in both games.

Jews And Baseball: Entering The American Mainstream, 1871-1948

 By Burton Alan Boxerman, Benita W. Boxerman

Moxie Manuel - BR Bullpen

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