Sunday, January 3, 2016

Most Popular Posts in 2015

Pat Venditte who finally pitched in the big league for the Oakland A's, continues to be featured in the press - now as a switch pitcher for Toronto.

Angel Macias who threw a perfect game in the 1957 LLWS is by far the most popular post about a switch pitcher.

In the offseason, weighted ball programs and increasing velocity is a big focus of readers. Enjoy the list.

Top Ten Posts

Baseball Glove Options for Switch Pitchers

Angel Macias pitched a perfect game in the 1957 Little League World Series

Learn to Throw a Cutter like Mariano Rivera

Why are switch hitters rare?

Warm-up Exercises for Pitchers

How to increase throwing velocity in six weeks

Pitchers Glove Rules - Size and Color

What year did the switch pitcher rule change?

Ambidextrous baseball gloves

Has there ever been a switch pitcher in Major League Baseball?

Off-season posts ...

Fastball Velocity - How fast do kids throw?

Weighted Ball Program for a High School Pitcher

Weighted Baseball Training Programs

Thower's 10 exercise program for pitchers

Active Switch Pitchers in 2015

List of Switch Pitchers

Pat Venditte - Oakland Athletics

Ryan Perez - Drafted by Cleveland Indians

Aubrey McCarty - Vanderbilt

Henry Knight - Top high school switch pitcher


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