Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thrower's 10 exercise program for pitchers

The Throwers 10

Chad Madden, Physical Therapist, demonstrates exercises for the throwing athlete. Strenthens the rotator cuff muscles, upper arm, and muscles which control the shoulder blade.

Advanced Thrower's 10

The Advanced Thrower's Ten Exercise Program: A New Exercise Series for Enhanced Dynamic Shoulder Control in the Overhead Throwing Ahtlete by Kevin Wilk et all.

Throwers Ten Exercise Program (pdf with drawings)

More videos

Throwers Ten Overview - URMC Sports Medicine

Throwers Ten Diagonal Pattern Exercises

Throwers Ten Rotator Cuff

Throwers Ten Shoulder Abduction

Throwers Ten Prone Exercises

Throwers Ten Elbow Exercises

Throwers Ten Wrist Exercises


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