Friday, January 1, 2016

Throw More, Pitch Less

Baseball players are strongly encouraged to participate in multiple sports. This results in better athletes, who stay healthy and don't get burned out.

Players experience success by throwing more, and pitching less.

Throw hard daily!

John Smoltz Issues Warning To Parents Of Young Baseball Players

"You have time ... baseball is not a year-round sport."

I want to encourage the families and parents that are out there to understand that this is not normal to have a surgery at 14 and 15 years old. That you have time, that baseball is not a year-round sport. That you have an opportunity to be athletic and play other sports. Don’t let the institutions that are out there running before you guaranteeing scholarship dollars and signing bonuses that this is the way. We have such great, dynamic arms in our game that it's a shame we're having one and two and three Tommy John recipients.

So I want to encourage you, if nothing else, know that your children’s passion and desire to play baseball is something that they can do without a competitive pitch. Every throw a kid makes today is a competitive pitch. They don’t go outside, they don’t have fun, they don’t throw enough — but they’re competing and maxing out too hard, too early, and that’s why we’re having these problems. So please, take care of those great future arms.

- Hall of Fame pitcher John Smoltz

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