Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pitchers selected in the MLB Draft 2014

Draft opens with selections of high school pitchers

Aiken taken No. 1 overall by Astros; one pick later, Kolek goes to Marlins

A pair of high school arms were picked at the top of the 2014 First-Year Player Draft for the first time in history on Thursday night, with the Astros and Marlins both banking on youth and projectability.

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12 RHP and 8 LHP were selected in the first round, along with 2 switch hitters

119 RHP (70%) and 50 LHP (30%) were selected through the 10th round

MLB Mock Draft: Brady Aiken emerges as No. 1 pick

In the first round of the 2014 MLB draft, which takes place tonight, teams will be forced to make a crucial decision: Should they go with a project or a safe pick?
The difference is a matter of how long a team is willing to wait to see their potential star of the future contribute. Will they go with a raw, talented player who will take time to progress through the minors? Or will they gravitate toward a mature player who is relatively close to the majors?

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Will a Switch Pitcher be selected in the MLB  draft? 

It is very unlikely that a switch pitcher will be drafted in 2014. There was an ambidextrous pitcher selected last year by the Giants named Aubrey McCarty, who decided to play for Vanderbilt University.

Followup: no switch pitchers were selected in the 2014 MLB draft, but there is a good change that an ambidextrous pitcher will be selected in the 2015 MLB Draft - stay tuned.


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