Thursday, June 26, 2014

Switch pitcher throwing the Cutter

Videos of an ambidextrous pitcher throwing the cut fastball.

Switch pitcher Henry Knight throwing the cut fastball (cutter) in a bullpen session. Knight throws the cutter both right- and left-handed to induce swings and weak contact for easy outs.

When in high school, Knight learned how to throw the cutter from UW pitcher Tyler Davis, then practiced using the grip throughout the off-season. Below are videos of him testing out the cutter on a left-handed teammate.

Henry Knight throws a cutter to Aiden at the K Center in Seattle. Note how the pitch moves into the left-handed batter.

Knight tries out his cutter on a lefty hitter. Aiden yells and slams his bat on the ground -- after fouling the ball off. Then he describes the cutting movement of the ball toward his hands.

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