Friday, July 4, 2014

Switch pitcher throws a Circle Changeup

Ambidextrous pitcher Henry Knight throwing fastballs and changeups during a bullpen session at the K Center in Seattle. Watch the circle changeup at 0:30

The circle change looks like a fastball on release, but comes in 8-10 mph slower to the plate and then drops low in the strike zone. From the side it can look like a curveball to the spectator – due to the drop the ball makes in front of the plate.

UW starting pitcher, Tyler Davis, gave Knight valuable tips on throwing the circle changeup.

Jamie Moyer proved that the changeup is one of the best pitches in baseball. The changeup keeps hitters guessing and off-balance during the swing.

Pitches in video: Fastball (4-seam & 2-seam), Circle Changeup


Pro pitcher Tim Collins demonstrates two changeup grips:
Palmball and Circle Changeup.


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