Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Pitching velocity matters

"If you're going to make it as a pitcher, kid, you've gotta have a fastball. Develop a good one, and you'll go far."

"Unless you are already at the professional level, velocity is what matters for continuing your career." 
– Ben Brewster, pitcher - Chicago White Sox organization

Velocity is very important in college
"If you want to pitch in college, then you need to spot a good fastball (87-90+ mph)" 
– D1 college pitching coach

Are You Ready to Pitch in College?
In order to have real success as a starting pitcher in college, you will likely need to throw above 80 mph. -

Why they are not recruiting you

You do not throw hard enough. College coaches are looking for pitchers who have college velocity.

Average College Fastball (Stalker Gun)

  • Pro Level: 90-92 mph
  • Top 25 Division: 89-91 mph
  • Division 1: 87-89 mph
  • Division 2: 85-87 mph
  • NAIA:85-86 mph
  • Division 3: 83-85 mph

  • High School: 78-80 mph 
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    How fast is the major league fastball?

    According to FanGraphs, the PITCHf/x tracking system listed the league-average four-seam fastball in 2013 at 91.8 miles per hour.

    What Sets an Elite MLB Fastball Apart 

    from the Rest of the Pack?

    A well-located fastball that has some velocity is a pitch that's very hard to hit, but you know what's even harder to hit?

    That would be a well-located fastball that has some velocity and some very wicked late movement.

    The Fastball & Velocity
    by Jerry Ford, Perfect Game | March 16, 2009

    First of all we need to address the fact that there is much more to pitching than having a Major League fastball.  The fastball alone is far from good enough when it comes to reaching the higher levels.  There are many very successful pitchers who lack outstanding velocity.  ... Most of what is written here concentrates on one pitch, but it is undoubtedly the most important pitch in baseball.

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