Saturday, August 3, 2013

How to throw a changeup with Tim Collins

Pro pitcher Tim Collins demonstrates two changeup grips:
Palmball and Circle Changeup.

Tips for throwing a changeup:
- Use a grip that is comfortable
- Keep the wrist stiff
- "Pull down the lamp shade" to get backspin on the ball
- Keep the same arm speed as the fastball

5'7" Tim Collins is a left-handed relief pitcher for the Kansas City Royals.
Collins trains at Cressey Performance (CP).

Tim Collins Statistics and History -


Henry Knight, a high school switch pitcher, throws the circle change from both sides. He throws the changeup hard away or low inside using fastball arm speed. The pitch looks like a fastball to the batter, but it moves 10 mph slower and has a late drop – so it throws off a batter's timing.

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