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Yank Robinson - Experimented with Ambidextrous Pitching

Yank Robinson
William H. "Yank" Robinson 
(September 19, 1859 – August 25, 1894) 

Yank Robinson was a Major League Baseball player who played ten years in the Major Leagues from 1882 - 1892.

Positions: Infielder, played every position including pitcher

Batted: Right  .241 BA
Threw: Right

In 1885 and 1886, Yank Robinson wound up playing every position except shortstop for the Brownies and in '86 stole 51 bases. He would continue on as a utility player for the majority of his career, even doing a little pitching for the Browns in 1886.
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Yank Robinson, who was normally an infielder, also experimented with ambidextrous pitching 
(Chicago Journal, February 12, 1888).

World Series Champion: 1886 (St. Louis Browns)

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 By Peter Morri

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