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Jorge Rubio was encouraged to become ambidextrous by the Reds

Jorge Rubio

Born: April 23, 1945 (age 68), Mexicali, Mexico
Height/Weight: 6-3, 200 lbs.
Batted: Right
Threw: Right  (Ambidextrous ability)

MLB Teams: California Angels 1966-1967; Cincinnati Reds
Minor League: Seattle Angels 1965-1966

MLB Record: 2-3
ERA: 3.19

Jorge Jesús Rubio Chávez is a former Major League Baseball pitcher who played for two seasons. A natural right-handed pitcher, Rubio was encouraged to throw  ambidextrous by the Cincinnati Reds in the late 1960s. 

Best Performance with the Angels:
Jorge Rubio had a complete game shutout with 15 strikeouts against the Cleveland Indians on Sunday, October 2, 1966 at Anaheim Stadium.

Jorge Rubio - the ambidextrous pitcher

March 11, 1968
Some Hot Rookies For A New Season - SI Vault, March 11, 1968

No matter how you look at it, there is a challenge facing Jorge Rubio. Statistically, he is 22 years old and merely one of the 100 and more rookies who will be trying to force themselves into the major leagues by their performances in spring training during the next five weeks. However, Rubio, a right-hander, is totally different from the rest because the Cincinnati Reds are currently encouraging him to become ambidextrous. In all of baseball, there have been few pitchers like him.

The Two-way Kerfs Pitcher - News-Journal, 25 March 1968

BRADENTON, Fla. -- Jorge Jesus Rubio has pitched two major league victories in his life. Cy Young couldn't. He can throw curves with either hand and you can't hardly find ambidextrous pitchers these days. Read more

Ambidextrous Red Gives Right Rest - The Piqua Daily Call, 15 March 1968

TAMPA, Fla. (UPI) - Jorge Rubio doesn't let his right arm know what his left arm is doing because it's more than tired. 

Rubio, a rookie acquired from the California Angels in the Sammy Ellis trade last November (1967), arrived in camp with a split baseball personality and a tired right arm. It seems his right arm, the one he has used throughout his brief professional career, was overworked in Mexico during the winter. So, Rubio did the next best thing. He broke out a southpaw mitt and began throwing batting practice from the port side. "I've got the same speed lefthanded as I do right," explained, the 22-year-old Rubio "and I can throw a slider left handed. But I need more practice and better control. My right arm is tired right now. It needs a rest." 

Rublo, whose powerful arms emanate from a rugged 6-foot-3 200-pound frame, first toyed with the idea of being double duty while in high school. In Mexico he pitched a couple of games lefthanded. "I won them both" he said.

Read more  (OCR text)

Angels Deal Chance to Minnesota Twins
"As for out pitching, I'm hopping Jorge Rubio will step in and say 'I'm it.' He has the best curve in our organization. His 15 strikeouts against Cleveland on the last day of the season impressed me. We're hoping he can join Marcelino Lopez, George Brunet and Fred Newman as our fourth starter." - said Bill Rigney, Angels manager.
The Spokesman-Review - Dec 3, 1966

Ambidextrous Rubio Says Two Pitching Arms Better Than One
Los Angeles Times | Mar 15, 1968

All the Pitchers Who Didn't Fit - Rob Neyer

Hurler Jorge Rubio, obtained from the Angels in the Sammy Ellis trade, is ambidextrous.

Jorge Rubio Baseball Stats by Baseball Almanac

Jorge Rubio Trade

November 29, 1967: Traded by the California Angels with Bill Kelso to the Cincinnati Reds for Sammy Ellis.


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