Monday, October 7, 2013

Fall Ball for Switch Pitchers

Tips for ambidextrous pitchers playing fall baseball

Work on a new pitch

A good strategy for an ambidextrous pitcher is to work on developing a new pitch during the fall. For high school pitchers – a change-up will compliment a good fastball. Use the change-up grip during warmup and the pull down phase of long toss.

Work on developing the weaker side

Most switch pitchers are natural right-handers who throw slower left-handed. Fall is a good time to work on building velocity from the left side. For natural left-handers, work on developing the right side.

Do you want to increase your velocity?  Throw hard daily.


Good left-handed pitchers are always in demand.

Do extra bullpen sessions left-handed to work on location and finishing the pitch.

Pitchers Fielding Practice

Fall is a good time to work on fielding from both sides. Make sure to field the position off the mound --covering bunts and ground balls. Try playing different positions to get experience fielding in games.

Pitching in Games

Try pitching left-handed in games facing both right- and left-handed batters. This will give you needed experience pitching left-handed.

Or start out pitching one inning lefty, and then pitch the next inning righty.

I don't recommend switching throwing arms between batters since it's hard to keep a good rhythm.

New Glove

Fall is a good time to break in a new ambidextrous baseball glove.

Akadema makes the most affordable ambidextrous glove ready for shipping
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Mizuno makes a nice custom ambidextrous glove for $450
that takes 6 weeks to deliver.

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