Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Drew Chambasian - Ambidextrous pitcher, Racine, Wisconsin

Drew Chambasian

Horlick High School (Class of 2015)
Racine, Wisconsin

Bats: Left
Throws: Both, ambidextrous
Dominant Hand: Left

As a 12-year-old switch pitcher Drew Chambasian was featured in a newspaper article called "Young hurler has a special delivery

"I'm more accurate left-handed and I can throw knuckleballs left-handed but I don't do that in a game," said Chambasian, who bats left-handed.

One just doesn't decide to be ambidextrous on the spur of the moment. For Chambasian, this goes back to his infancy, when his parents, Pete and Ryen, weren't able to make a conclusive read on whether the second of their two sons (Cody is two years to the day older) was a righty or a lefty.

The only reason he decided to experiment with using his right hand was to be like the rest of his family. In fact, he may even concentrate on being an outfielder instead of pursuing pitching when he reaches Horlick in two years. (journaltimes.com)


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