Monday, May 6, 2013

Marcus Garcia - ambidextrous pitcher video

Marcus Garcia - Ambidextrous pitcher for Roseville High School Tigers

Learn about Marcus Garcia, the senior ambidextrous pitcher for the Roseville High School baseball team. Garcia can pitch with both arms and uses a specially made six-finger glove to allow him to switch from hand to hand if needed during an inning. (April 10, 2013)

Reported by Trevor Horn for the Roseville and Granite Bay Press Tribune.

Roseville pitcher can boast: Look Dad, both hands

Senior Marcus Garcia is a rarity — an ambidextrous pitcher
By: Trevor Horn/Roseville Press Tribune Correspondent

Garcia is an ambidextrous pitcher. He has the ability to throw with velocity and accuracy with both hands.
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Marcus Garcia is a natural right hander, who mainly pitches lefty in Roseville High School baseball games. Coach Hank DeMello says that Garcia is more effective as a left-hander and having a quality southpaw is “a commodity you just don’t get very often.”

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