Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Warm up Pitching between Innings

In many baseball leagues, a pitcher is allowed to throw up to five warm-up pitches between innings. Learn how to use them wisely. This article includes "Glove Signals for Warm-Up Pitches"

Henry Knight warming up left-handed
Most levels of baseball allot a two-minute break between the end of one half-inning and the beginning of the next. This pause in the action exists so that the batters can retrieve their bats and helmets and prepare to hit, and so fielders can get to their positions and briefly loosen their arms. But most importantly, this time allows the pitcher to warm up. (source: 
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When you step on the mound, take a deep breath and relax, 
then focus on throwing a First Pitch Strike. 


Baseball Pitchers Warmups - The Complete Pitcher

A warm up routine for starting pitchers.


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