Thursday, May 9, 2013

Has there ever been a switch pitcher in Minor League Baseball?

Yes. Pat Venditte is a switch pitcher in the minor leagues with the New York Yankees organization. Venditte recently pitched for Italy in the World Baseball Classic.

Pat Venditte began his college career as a walk-on switch pitcher for the Creighton Bluejays. In his junior year, he became a very successful switch pitcher in the rotation – drawing interest from the news media and pro scouts. He was drafted twice by the New York Yankees.

A few other players have pitched in the minor leagues.

Shozo Yoshinari, Tokyo Giants, SF Giants 1966
In 1966, Shozo Yoshinari, a was 20-year-old Japanese pitcher who could throw from either side. He worked out with the Giants' Fresno team in the California League. He pitched in the minors briefly, but never made the majors.

Has there ever been a switch pitcher in Major League Baseball?

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