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High School Ambidextrous Pitchers 2015

Switch Pitchers - Class of 2015

Henry Knight throws deceptive changeups from both sides
as a high school switch pitcher
The Class of 2015 has only four notable ambidextrous pitchers, but they are very talented – with the skills to play multiple positions. Plus, they are solid hitters, which is becoming a trademark of ambi players.

Below are highlights of ambidextrous high school baseball players from the class of 2015.


Cole Critchfield (2015)Star Valley High School, Afton, Wyoming

Cole Critchfield is a 6'2" athlete who plays basketball and baseball. In the summer, he plays P, 1B, and OF for the Jackson Giants of the American Legion.


Tyler Hopman (2015) - Old Bridge, New Jersey

Tyler Hopman
Tyler Hopman is a 6'2" switch pitcher who plays for Old Bridge High School Knights in New Jersey. In an interview, he said that he feels a lot stronger throwing lefty.

When not pitching, Hopman plays center field right-handed. He bats exclusively from the left side.

Henry Knight (2015) - Franklin High School, Seattle, Washington

As a sophomore, Henry Knight was a starting shortstop and switch pitcher with 2-0 record and a 2.23 ERA in ten games. Working in relief, he recorded 22 strikeouts and only two walks over 22 IP, for a 11:1 K/BB ratio. 

As a switch hitter, he chalked up a .525 OBP with 16 RBIs and 14 Runs scored over 18 games started. Plus, he recorded a 9-game hitting streak while batting second in the order. He hit .448 batting right-handed. 

Henry Knight warming up to switch pitch in a summer game
During the summer, Knight plays shortstop, catcher and pitcher for the Columbia City Reds in Seattle. He posted a 1.26 ERA as a closer. 

Knight threw 94 strikes over 11 innings in a summer game as the starting switch pitcher. He held the Seattle Select team scoreless over the final nine innings in 90 degree heat.


Brett Kolacki (2015) - Bremen High School, Midlothian, Illinois

Kolacki is a lanky ambidextrous pitcher who primarily played on JV during his sophomore season at Bremen High School. He plays OF/INF and bats right-handed.


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