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Pat Venditte News 2010

Checking In On Baseball Oddity Pat Venditte 
by Jack Moore - May 28, 2010
In case you’re not familiar, Pat Venditte is a pitcher in the New York Yankees minor league system who has made some waves for his remakarkable talent: he’s a switch pitcher. Venditte pitches proficiently with both arms. His story made some national waves last year when an at-bat against a switch hitter led to a bit of a debacle (link includes video).
Not only was Venditte’s season a point of interest for those into baseball trivia and oddities, he actually performed quite well. Although his age (23) was advanced for A and A+, it was only his second professional season, and so his 2.07 cumulative FIP and 2.24 FIP at A+ Tampa certainly piqued the interest of some, although others aren’t exactly convinced yet.

Switch-pitcher Pat Venditte delivers thrill for New York Yankees
Wednesday, March 31, 2010
LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. - After CC Sabathia left Tuesday's game against the Braves, he sat on the bench to watch the young lefthander who had replaced him in the fifth inning.
But when Pat Venditte threw his first pitch to Yunel Escobar, he did so with his right hand.
"It freaked me out a little bit," Sabathia said. "I didn't know what was going on. I saw they brought a lefty in, then the batter go up there and he was throwing righthanded. I thought maybe that guy got hurt and they brought another one out."

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