Saturday, March 31, 2012

Pat Venditte's Warm Up Routine

How does Pat Venditte warm up both arms in the bullpen?

Pat Venditte talks about how he prepares to switch pitch:

Having two arms to warm up also leads to specialized routine as far as getting ready in the pen, “If there is a group of lefties coming up and I’m coming in to face a lefty, then I’ll get the left one hot first. If it’s just a normal situation, I’ll go righty first, because it takes a little bit longer to get loose and I only need probably four or five throws to get loose lefty and then not very many pitches from the left side to get ready to go into the game. It’s just a different angle and it seems it’s a lot easier to get loose from the sidearm slot.” (source: CBS Pilly)
In college, Pat Venditte dropped down to a sidearm angle, left-handed. The sidearm slot made his pitches more deceptive, plus it was easier for him to warm up.

While he has thrown with both arms since childhood, he says it was at Creighton that the ability really started to be refined, “Freshman year of college, I pitched pretty much strictly right-handed, the left hand hadn’t really developed. Then my pitching coach during my sophomore year dropped me down to the sidearm angle that I’m at now (left-handed), and that’s really when I was able to find success and I was able to pitch at the collegiate level. There were definitely trying times, like anything you do, there’s going to be some bumps and I’ve had my bumps along the way, but its been pretty constant.”

Trenton's Venditte An Effective Switch... Pitcher 
by Matt Leon, CBS Philly


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