Friday, July 6, 2012

Vintage Ambidextrous Baseball Gloves

While doing historical research on switch pitchers, I ran across a few photos of vintage ambidextrous baseball gloves on the Baseball Glove Collector Gallery

Check out the Rip Collins Ambidextrous Glove

All thumbs? -- No, just two, Rip Collins, former major league star tells Bob Purkey of the Pirates as he demonstrates a "two-fisted" glove he designed. The glove has two thumbs, and can be used by either a right-hander or a left-hander. But what has two thumbs?

1914 Reach/Spalding ambidextrous glove, model SC

In 1911, Samuel Cline patented an ambidextrous fielders' glove for A.J. Reach Co.


1914 Reach/Spalding ambidextrous glove


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