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Alex Urbanek - ambidextrous pitcher

Alex Urbanek

Hometown: Story City, Iowa

School: Roland-Story High School (Class of 2014)
Roland-Story High School Honor Roll

Height/Weight: 5'8" 145 (JR)
Bats: Right (former switch hitter)

Throws: Both
Positions: LHP/RHP, 1B (Left), C (Left)

Gloves: uses two different gloves for pitching

Pitches: Fastball, curveball and change-up

When he started:
Started switch pitching in games when he was 12 years old.

Naturally right-handed, Urbanek’s mom and dad taught him to throw left-handed when he was young. His family is big into baseball. (

Alex Urbanek has been throwing with both hands since Little League. Initially, his parents trained him as a southpaw, although he is naturally right-handed. In Little League, he was a switch-hitter - but in high school, he bats right-handed. 
In addition to switch pitching, Urbanek plays first base and catcher - both left-handed.

Roland-Story sophomore can bring it from both sides
By Tommy Birch, The Des Moines Register

Roland-Story's Alex Urbanek has been pitching with both hands since Little League. Urbanek also plays first base, strictly as a left-hander, and has a left-handed catcher's mitt. Urbanek bats primarily from the right side.

STORY CITY, IA. — Alex Urbanek’s parents taught him to throw left-handed when he was a youngster. Several years later, he discovered that he could throw right-handed, too. Now the Roland-Story baseball player is a rare commodity: an ambidextrous pitcher. Read more

Interview with ambidextrous pitcher Alex Urbanek (video)

Baseball: Urbanek is Roland-Story’s ambidextrous pitcher

STORY CITY — A chorus of screams blurted from Webster City’s dugout along the third-base line.
“New pitcher.”
A smile broke on Alex Urbanek’s face as he threw his final warm-up pitch before the top of the sixth inning. His teammates chuckled from the diamond and in the dugout along the first-base line.
The joke was on the Lynx.

Baseball: Urbanek leads rout of Gilbert

By Dan Wright, June 26, 2013

Like any hitter, Roland-Story first baseman Alex Urbanek would like to be able to look at his batting average and be able see the results from all the work he puts in at practice. 

He just missed a fourth hit in the seventh but lined out to the Tiger second baseman.
But getting three hits on four solid swings? Urbanek can’t complain.
Read more

Alex Urbanek Baseball Profile | Perfect Game USA

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