Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Switch Pitcher Nicknames

A baseball player who can pitch with both arms is bound to have a nickname.

Pat Venditte [Ven-dit-tee] (Minor League Pitcher, NY Yankees)
El Pulpo = The Octopus
- Dexter
- Dr. Strange Glove (by Ed Tseng)

Venditte’s unique approach to pitching earned him this nickname from his college pitching coach: Dexter.

Ryan Perez (Judson University)
- Amb (short for ambidextrous)

Paul Richards (MLB player and coach)
“The Wizard of Waxahachie”

Ambidextrous Pitcher, is also know as
- Ambi Pitcher
- Switch Pitcher 
- Both Handed Pitcher (BHP)
- Double-Handed Pitcher
- Switch Handed Pitcher (SHP)
- LHP / RHP (on the roster)

Switch pitchers have also been called
- Ambi
- Amphibious (from Yogi Berra Quote)
- The Freak
- Double Trouble
- Deuce
- Duel Pitcher
- Twin Pitcher
- Double Pitcher
- The Bullpen
- Six Finger Pitcher
- Double Duty
- Two-Handed Pitcher
- Two-Way Pitcher
- Switcher
- Switcheroo
- Double Dexter

List of baseball nicknames


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