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Jesse Harris - Switch Pitcher

Jesse Harris (Class of 2013)
Hometown: Connersville, Indiana

High School: Connersville HS
Team: Connersville High School Spartans

Summer Team: St. Leon Legion (Indiana)

College: Ball State University

Positions: LHP/RHP, INF
Bats: Switch Hitter
Throws: Both, ambidextrous
   throws harder right-handed
Glove: Custom Mizuno glove ($400)

 Jesse Harris demonstrates his custom Mizuno glove (2007)

As a Junior, in 2012, Jesse Harris was selected to play in a high school baseball showcase. 

Five local players selected for baseball showcase
Friday, July 13, 2012

“I’m very excited about the showcase,” Harris said. “When you get nominated to go play in front of 40-plus college and pro scouts, it feels like you have done well to get there.

Harris will display his skills at the second and third base positions, as well as from the mound.

Although the skill levels of the players attending the showcase will be extremely high, Harris is sure to catch the eyes of many coaches and scouts.

Unlike most hardballers, Harris is not only a switch hitter at the plate, he can also throw, pitch and field with either arm, equally as well.

“I think that will give the scouts some interest about switching,” Harris said. “But hopefully they look at the way I play the infield and the way I switch hit.”

NPHS wrap - by Andrew Smith
April 27, 2012

Connersville 10, New Palestine 7: The Dragons suffered their second loss of the season after late-game defensive struggles. NP committed six errors in the final two innings, leading to eight unearned Connersville runs. That allowed the Spartans to rally from a 7-2 sixth-inning deficit and beat the Dragons.

Connersville reliever Jesse Harris came on in the fourth and limited the Dragons to one hit over the final four innings, allowing his team to rally. Harris threw both left and right-handed -- throwing left to left-handed hitters, righty to right-handed hitters.
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Harris gets benefit from rare talent
By Aaron Klemme, News Examiner, Aug 30, 2010

With a day of taking batting practice with his father in the backyard, Connersville’s Jesse Harris stumbled on a talent that it is considered very rare when it comes to the game of baseball.

After fouling a pitch off, Harris, who was seven-years-old at the time, went to retrieve the baseball for another pitch.

Without hesitation, the natural-born right-handed pitcher picked the ball up with his left hand and threw a hard throw back to his dad.

“That is when it all started,” Harris said. “It was one of those times that you never really think about it and you just do it.”

It was something that his dad didn’t notice until his son made him aware.

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