Saturday, December 27, 2014

Practice 10 minutes a day

Do a little, a lot

A little practice, everyday will help you improve your pitching
– Ken Knutson, former ASU pitching coach

Start off easy throwing and work your way up to pitching

Remember, to become good at any sport, you have to practice with focus. Ten to fifteen minutes a day of practice is all it takes for young players. A good dynamic warmup before picking up a baseball, and then five minutes of throwing with each arm works well.

Alternating throwing days with each arm is a good strategy. This process allows you to focus on the mechanics of one side and make small adjustments each day. After band exercises, stretching and warming up throwing, 20-30 pitches on flat ground is plenty - that's equal to two innings of pitching.

Throw hard daily

Primarily work on throwing the ball straight using the 4-seam fastball grip. Throw the ball hard with a complete follow through on every throw. Throw long toss twice a week.

Work on throwing a change-up and two-seam fastball – using the same arm motion and speed as the 4-seam fastball. 

Proof that daily practice works:

"Throw more and pitch less." 
- good advice from a top coach

Arm stress is much higher when throwing off the mound, as compared to flat ground. For long-term development, throw more and pitch less. - Eric Cressey


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